Math Workbook
Using SET® in the Classroom

Note: The following exercises call for the use of transparencies.

Team Play
Divide the class room into teams. Each team has a monitor who stands, the team sits and physically holds onto the monitor. When a set is seen, the monitor is tugged, he/she raises his/her hand, the teacher calls on the monitor, who turns to the tugger and ask what the set is, the monitor tells the teacher. Any team member, who speaks out of turn, puts the team out for one turn. This encourages the quiet ones to speak up, keeps the noisy ones quiet and develops communication skills.


The Daily Puzzle
Go to the web page and take the daily puzzle. Put it on the over head and have the kids find the six sets. Have different students make up a puzzle.


English With Set
Put up two cards. Ask the kids to draw the missing card. Then write a sentence.
Example: I need two purple open ovals to complete this set.

Put up two new cards. Ask the kids to draw the missing card. Then write a sentence, do not use the same verb or sentence structure.
Example: In order to complete this set, a red solid oval is required.

Continue as above – the third sentence could be: "Please give me a red open diamond".

Fill in the blank adjectives for younger students.

Put up two cards and have the students use words to describe the missing card.