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Q) How do I know when I've found a SET?

  • A SET is three cards that are either all the same or all different in each individual feature on the card. However, many people find that it is easer to know what is not a SET. If you can say "two are and one is not" in any feature, then it is not a SET. for example, if two are red and one is purple, this is not a SET or if two are striped and one is solid, this is also not a SET. If yo cannot say two are and one is not, you have a SET.< If you are still unsure, read the full directions or try the Flash SET® tutorial.

Q) What do you do if you have 15 cards on the table and no SET?

  • Arrange the cards in groups by number - put all the ones together, all the twos together and all the three's. now look in each group seperate from the other groups. Is there a SET among the ones? Among the twos? Among the threes? If not, then take each one of the ones individually and put it with each of the twos and see if the third card is among the threes. If there are no matches then there is truly no SET among the 15 cards. At this point, you can add one more card until you find a SET. Once a SET is found, do not replace any cards until you have only 12 cards left on the table.

Q) I lost a card. Will you replace it? Free?

  • Yes, we will replace up to 10 cards at no cost. Just send a self addressed, self stamped envelope to:

  • SET Enterprises, Inc
    16537 E. Laser Dr. Ste #6
    Fountain Hills, AZ. 85268
  • be sure to let us know what card/s you are missing.

Q) Why does my little sister always win?

  • We don't know but younger beats older and females beat males. Just something we have to live with.
  • Q) I am color blind - any help?

    •  Color blind people can enjoy SET® too! If you have trouble with only two of the colors have a friend make a black line on the bottom and top border of one of the colors. Thus you will know, for example, if it has a line it is red not green. If you have trouble with all three colors, have a friend mark the green cards with a line at the top and bottom border of the cards. Mark the red cards with a line on the side borders of the cards and leave the purple cards alone. The lines will enable you to determine what color each card is.

    • If you have questions, please  email us at: