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Rules for The End Game SET®


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Brought to us by Gary Gordon & Liz McMahon

To determine the attributes of the missing card

The Play:
At the beginning of the game, remove one card from the deck and place it aside face down. Play the game as you normally would until you reach the point where no more sets can be found. At that point, you can determine the attributes of the missing card as follows:

Remove 'sets' considering only one attribute at a time. For example, if eight cards remain (and no sets can be formed) with one card having 1 symbol, three with 2 symbols and four with 3 symbols, by ignoring everything except the number of symbols on the card, you can make one 1-2-3 'set', one 3-3-3 "set" and you are left with 2-2, so the missing card has to have 2 symbols. (It doesn't matter how you break up the 'sets". For example, you could have made one 2-2-2 'set', one 3-3-3 'set', and you are left with 1-3, so the missing card again has has 2 symbols.) Continue this process for each of the remaining attributes and you can uniquely determine the missing card. Amaze your friends! This always works (provided no one has made a mistake taking sets during the game).

Here is an example with 11 cards remaining. See if you can figure out the missing card.




Here's the challenge:

Figure out what the missing card is in your head, and then determine if the missing card makes a set with two other cards on the board. In this case, it does:

hear is the completed puzzle :




The missing card is the two striped purple diamonds.

The winner (there isn't always one) is the person who can call "SET" and pull two cards out that make a set when the missing card is turned over.