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Rules for ScoutSET®


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Brought to us by Emily, David & Kadi Mink

To obtain the maximum number of Set Cards


The Deal:
Twelve cards are laid, face up, on the table in a 3 x 4 rectangle.


The Play:
The person identifies a Set and points to the first card. Then the other players search to find an other card they believe is part of the original finders set.

If it is part of the original set, then s/he takes the card and the original finder takes the other two making up the set

If it isn't part of the original set, and s/he can show an other correct set using the first card, s/he takes the two cards and the original finder takes the original three cards

If it doesn't make a set at all
s/he losses a card
If the other players agree that they can not find the rest of the set, the original finder may take all three cards. However, if he is wrong, he losses a card and is frozen until an other set is found.

If at any time a player must give up a set card, but has no cards, s/he is seriously berated by the other players


1 point per card