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Rules for Co-opSET®


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This version of the game of SET® requires all players to work together as a team. It can be played as a solitaire or with a team of any size. SETS are made according the standard rules.


To obtain the maximum number of SETS in each layout of twelve cards, so as to achieve the maximum number of points as a team. Players work towards increasing their team or personal best score.


The Deal:
Twelve cards are laid, face up, on the table in a 3 x 4 rectangle.


The Play:
The team identifies as many SETS as possible from the twelve cards. All SETS must contain 3 cards each, you can not remove 2 SETS that share a card. If there are 2 SETS that share a card the team must decide which SET to take and which to leave so as to give the highest probability of obtaining more than one SET when replacement cards are put down. After all possible SETS are removed from the cards on the table, the score obtained is added to the running total: then new cards from the deck are laid down to bring the total back to 12. If there is no SET among the 12, additional cards are added, one at a time, until a SET is found. The team receives a penalty point for each card it must add over twelve to enable it to find a SET. When the deck is depleted the game is over. The total is checked against the individual and/or team's personal best. There is a performance rating indicated below.


If only one SET in 12 is found (leaving 9 cards) 0 points
If two SETS in 12 are found (leaving 6 cards) 1 point
If three SETS in 12 are found (leaving 3 cards) 3 points
If four SETS in 12 are found (leaving 0 cards) 5 points

If no SETS are found,
for each additional card needed over 12 -1 point



0-3 Keep trying
4-7 Fair
8-10 Good
11-13 Excellent
14-15 Super
15+ Congratulations!! Send your name to be included in our book of records.