What do YOU have to say about SET®?  

From the SET® mailbag:
"Hello! Just a quick note. I love Set. It's been occupying my mind quite a bit. I've been doing theorems and computer searches on Set.
The largest collection of cards without a Set *is* 20.
Took hours of computer time to figure that out. You may be interested in some Set mathematics I've done, and posted at my site, http://set.omino.com. Enjoy."

- David Van Brink
Polyominologist, Settist, and
QuickTime Music Architect


"A welcome and appreciated challenge."

-Stacy Bartolini, Reisterstown, MD


" Thinking skills instead of dumb luck are required - how unusual these days."

- Janet Redfield, Harborside, ME


"Fascinating game"

- Steve Waldhauser, St. Peter, MN


"Our five-year-old daughter quickly picked up on the "magic rule" - no unqualified sets could get past her!"

- Mr. and Mrs. J. David Rhys, Deer Isle, ME



-Jane Yen, Brookline, MA


" I play it with my learning disabled students and they love it!"

-Mark Livingston, Reed City, MI


"I beat my Mom and Dad almost every time. (I am 8 years old.)"

-Lara Rosenbaum, Ann Arbor, MI



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