What is SET® Doing to my Brain?!

Because the SET® Puzzle involves learning a rule of logic, players must invoke their "left brain" thinking skills. Left brain thinking skills, such as logical thinking, are the ones predominantly taught in modern western society. However, to find the 'SETs' players must examine the spatial array of cards and locate, in the overall pattern, the cards that satisfy the rule. To do this "right brain" thinking skills must be used. Right brain thinking skills are usually associated with spatial, intuitive thinking. These skills are usually underdeveloped. To effectively employ creative thinking requires use of both left and right sides of your brain. Both right brain thinking skills, and whole brain thinking receive little attention in school. They remain underdeveloped as we go through life because only a few occupations such as a football quarterback, pilot, or artist require them. However, everyone will gain by developing them. Every time you find a 'SET' you are using your whole brain and increasing your potential to be creative.

More information on how the brain works
  • The Physiology of Perception -- W. Freeman
  • Musical Brain, more -- P. Pietsch