Ready, Go, Set!
By Ian Etra
'Windows Magazine' Review
- January 1996, Volume 7, Number 1

Sometimes the simplest ideas make the best games. It may be just a simple card game, but Set has won seven best game awards and recognition by Mensa. The "cards" in Set have symbols with four features: shape, color, number and texture. The goal is to pick sets of three cards based on a single-but subtle rule: Each of the four features must be the same on all three cards, or different on each card. Think it sounds too easy? Set force your brain to perceive patterns in a new way, and several variations keep you on your toes. Play solo, against the computer, with another player via modem or with up to nine others on the same PC. While Set may no have the glamour or visuals of the latest CD-ROM titles, it will keep you coming back for more(and it'll give you a better mental workout that Minesweeper).

- Ian Etra

Set Enterprises,800-351-7765,480-837-3628.Circle#682