The Short Word Game™

School Competition


The Quiddler® school competition is a challenge for students to team up to compete with the best word sleuths in the country. We give you two advantages --i.e., show you all the letters that are available to make words, and only require you to get within tens points of the highest score. The competition works as follows: your teacher registers your team, which is assigned an ID. Then each day a team member (or your teacher) prints out the current day's puzzle worksheet. This worksheet has the day's puzzle letters on it, and shows the highest score attained. Create words from the letters that add up to within 10 points of that score and your team qualifies to enter for that day. Do this once a week for 25 weeks and your school wins a assortment pack of games made by Set Enterprises. Top scores are posted daily, so you can see how well your team is doing.

  • Read the contest rules
  • Read the puzzle rules
  • Register your school /class.
  • Play the Puzzle or print out the Worksheet
  • Play the Puzzle to enter. Remember to use your designated Alias.
  • Repeat throughout the year, until you have made it for 25 weeks.

  • WHEN & WHO?

  • Open to school teaching grades K-12.
  • Runs annually from August through to July
  • To qualify, you need to score within 10 points of the top score of that day.
  • You must register and qualify for 25 weeks to win.