The Short Word Game™


Go for the Bonuses

One of the best strategies is to plan your hand to either get the most words or the long word bonus (both bonuses are worth 10 points). In the first hand, when you have only three cards, it is possible to get a long word using one or two double letter cards, but going out as soon as possible may be the best thing to do. However, starting with the second hand (four cards), you can begin to practically apply the strategy. It requires you to let others go out first. Your chances are best if you are the last player to put down, because you will know what the most words laid down are, and what the longest word is. You can then rearrange your hand accordingly. For example, if you had 'is' and 'pole', but noticed that the longest word laid down was four letters long, you would want to add your 's' to 'pole' and have a five letter word, and leave your 'i' unused. This would give you an additional 8 points - a 10 point bonus minus the 2 points you lost for not using the 'i'. 


1. Learning a few short words (two and three letters) will open up many options for you. Examples, qat and zax, which are worth lots of points that you may otherwise have to give away (or worse, count against your score).

Solitaire hints

1. Try NOT to use all the vowels that are showing.   

2. Plan ahead to remove letters like 'q' by not using an 'u' with another word until you get the letters necessary to make a 'q- word'.