From the QUIDDLER® mailbag:
"I think Quidder is the best game to come on the market in 1998. The more I play the more creative I am with words. During the eight rounds of play, the score can change back and forth so you never know who the winner will be. What a great family game!"
-Laura Stephens, Colorado Springs, CO
"We have set aside Sunday night as "game night". Quiddler is a great way to encourage our children (ages 8 and 15) to learn new words and to spell correctly. It's also a fun and challenging game for us to play since our 15 year old daughter usually wins! "
-Anne L. Padilla
"Best word game I've ever played. As a former English teacher I've been fascinated by lots of them. It's fast paced and challenging."
-Pat Barry, Sacramento CA

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